Freight will be calculated and added to your order when you place your order.

Freight Calculations

Your freight will be calculated based on the following freight table.  Delivery areas can be viewed in the attached New Zealand Couriers Sector Guide.

DescriptionMax Weight (kg)Charge ($)
R.D charge   4.00
Across town within city limits (0-25kg) 25 7.00
Up to 150km within an Island (0-15kg) 15 8.50
Over 150km within an Island (0-5kg) 5 13.50
Between North and South Island (0-5kg) 5 26.70
Between North and South Island Economy (0-10kg) 10 16
all 225x115 4
all 260x190 4
all 325x235 7
all 390x280 8.90
all 415x360 12.60
all 440x450 18.00

Courier  Sector Guide