Pristine Bio Plus NON TOXIC to Humans And Animals 5 Litre

Pristine Bio Plus NON TOXIC to Humans And Animals 5 Litre

Introducing the world's greenest biological - base cleaner!

A Multipurpose Biological Cleaner and Deodoriser. Just Use Bio Plus concentrate Multi Purpose Biological Cleaner and Deodoriser. Safe, Effective and Enviromentally Friendly. No need for 10 different types of chemical cleaners as Bio Plus cleans and deodorises all surfaces from floors, walls, benches, grooming tables and grooming items, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, household appliances, windows, carpets, clothes, fabrics, rubbish bins, cars and eliminates pet and animal odours too. Also great on grout and for grease trap maintenance. 

Biodegradable, Non Toxic to Humans and Animals. Non Acidic, Non Caustic, Gauranteed Non Pathogenic Strains.

Mixing Directions; Mix 50 ml of Bio Plus Concentrate to 1 litre of water into a spray bottle. 

This 5 litre bottle of concentrate mixed at 50 mils per 1 litre will make 100 litres. Thats a low price of $1.43 per litre of all purpose deodoriser and cleaner. 

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