Lazy-Dog Grooming Restraint

If you groom dogs on a grooming table, this dog grooming harness is the ideal solution to ensure that your dog remains standing and enables you to complete your work as easily and safely as possible. Help relieves the stress and fatigue for both you and the dog.

The ‘Lazy Dog Restraint’ is ideal if you are searching for an adjustable dog grooming harness to fit a small to medium sized dog 50cm and for larger dogs 76cm. Squeeze and slide adjustment tabs ensure that you can fit the harness around your dog with ease so it should never take more than a few seconds to get everything in place.

The ‘Lazy Dog Restraint’ also has safety as its highest priority. All cables are appropriately fitted with durable covering so that your dog’s neck and abdominal area are always protected.

Please note that this product ranges from 50cm to 76cm. Furthermore, the product doesn’t come with a grooming arm. If you already have a grooming table that has an arm as standard, this harness should fit to it with relative ease.